Download Firmware Oppo Find 5 (X909/X909T)

Download Firmware Oppo Find 5 (X909/X909T)

On Android Smartphone, Firmware is the most important thing you should know, because often the Android system has Bootloop, Brick and others, so it must be done Flashing Firmware to the device.

To do Flashing Firmware, all you have to have is the Firmware file that matches the Android device you are using, because incorrect use of Firmware will adversely affect your Android device.
This post aims to facilitate you in getting the right Firmware Files for your Android device, especially users of Smartphone Oppo. Here you can get Oppo Firmware according to the title you created.

If you wish to get another Oppo Firmware, then you can get it on the post "Download Firmware Oppo Android Devices (All Models)"

How to Flashing Firmware on your Oppo Smartphone, you can do it in 2 ways according to the Chipset that your Oppo device uses. If your Oppo device uses Qualcomm Chipset, then you can use QPST Flash Tool (Qualcomm Product Support Tools) and if your Oppo device uses Mediatek Chipset, then you can use SPFT (SmartPhone Flash Tool) as Flashing media.

There is another way to flashing Firmware Oppo, by using MsmDownloadTool, usually the tool is already included in the Oppo Firmware file. And the last one is using ADB and Fastboot, but this is quite difficult compared to the tools mentioned above.

To get the appropriate Firmware post title above, then you can click the download link on Firmware name in the table below:
Download Firmware Oppo Find 5 (X909/X909T)
Name and Links Size
X909_13_A.03_130201 690 MB
X909_13_A.11_130704 691 MB
X909AS_13_A.11_131114.rar 782 MB
X909_12_B.05_131125.rar 666 MB
X909_13_A.03_130201.rar 690 MB
X909_13_A.12_130907_TOOLS.rar 675 MB
X909_13_C.18_140616.rar 704 MB
X909_13_D.13_130930.rar 678 MB
X909T_13_C.14_140624 755 MB
OPPO.X909T.Find.5.Mobile.Edition.Qualcomm.fastboot.rar 671 MB
X909T_13_A.07_130816.rar 729 MB
909T_13_C.14_140624.rar 704 MB
X909T_13_D.09_130930.rar 734 MB

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