Download OnePlus Android Phone USB Driver (All models)

To whom this post?

  1. Android device users who want to do Flashing via computer.
  2. Computer users who control their Android device via USB cable, using ADB and Fastboot command.

To install Android USB Driver is one of the requirements to do Flashing or rooting against your Android device in order to be recognized by the computer system. If you do not perform the installation of Android USB drivers usually Android device users who want to do Flashing Firmware, Recovery, or others will have a problem on their Android device connects to the computer using a USB cable.

Of course with these issues are very disturbing your activities in performing Flashing Android devices, it is necessary to install the Android USB drivers well to expedite the process Flashing Firmware and so forth.

As we know Android device are many and diverse brands, from Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Acer, Asus, Oppo, Lenovo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, ZTE and others. Not all of these devices have the Android USB drivers have the same due to chipset or processor is different, ranging from product Chipset Qualcomm, Mediatek, Intel Chipset even Samsung has been developing its own Android device, named Exynos.

Android USB Driver depends on the chipset used by the product SmartPhone mentioned above, so install the Android USB Driver accordance with Chipset each Android device, do not ever you thought that Android USB Driver Intel will work on Android devices using the chipset Mediatek because it will not work.

In this post, I had an Android USB drivers OnePlus Android devices, so you can download them below and perform the installation as in the post "How to Install Android USB Driver on Computers". Hopefully they can help you to complete the process of Flash on your Android device.

OnePlus Smartphone Model Number
Download USB Driver OnePlus One
Download USB Driver OnePlus Two
Download USB Driver OnePlus 3
Download USB Driver OnePlus 3T
Download USB Driver OnePlus 5
Download USB Driver OnePlus 5T
Download USB Driver OnePlus X

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