Download Firmware / Stock ROM Asus PadFone (PF400CG) All Versions

Download Firmware ASUS PadFone (PF400CG)

Firmware is a software that is attached to a mini media memory on a hardware device that contains the identity and functional hardware. On Smartphone or Tablet Android devices in general often experience problems in Firmware such as Bootloop, Brick, Stuck on Logo, Hang or maybe stuck on Google FRP.

Usually users who experience the problem must do Flashing Firmware / Stock ROM to fix problems that are happening on their Smartphone or Tablet, in the hope after doing Flashing Firmware / Stock ROM is their Android Device will return to normal. Flashing the new Firmware does not rule out the possibility that your Android device will return to normal or even exacerbate the problem. Flashing Also done to update the Android system or upgrade from the Android system.

To perform Flashing Firmware / Stock ROM Asus PadFone (PF400CG) there are Four ways, based on the type of Firmware Format and Smartphone Chipset used, Flashing Firmware Asus PadFone (PF400CG) is done with some Tool, Using ADB and Fastboot Tool, ASUS Flash Tool, QPST Flash Tool (Qualcomm Product Support Tool ) and SPFT (SmartPhone Flash Tool).

ADB and Fastboot Tool are used if you find the Asus PadFone (PF400CG) Firmware in the form of .IMG files like "boot.img, fastboot.img, recovery.img" and so on which are extracted from ZIP or RAW files, and also used for Flashing Firmware OTA update (example: obtained from Asus Official website, ADB and Fastboot Tool are general, unconditional to Asus Zenfone Smartphone using Chipset certain. While the ASUS Flash Tool is used to perform Flashing Firmware to a special Asus PadFone (PF400CG) that uses INTEL Chipset and usually with Format Firmware .RAW or RAW format that is compressed in the form of .ZIP. QPST Flash Tool is used to Flashing Firmware to a special Asus PadFone (PF400CG) that uses Qualcomm Chipset (mbn). SPFT Flash Tool is used to Flashing Firmware to a special Asus PadFone (PF400CG) that uses Mediatek Chipset (MTK).

To be able to do Flashing Firmware Asus PadFone (PF400CG), then you need Firmware / Stock ROM files that fit the device, if not suitable then most likely Android device will experience problems, so be careful in choosing Firmware / Stock ROM file you want Flash.

In this post we want to share to you who need Firmware / Stock ROM Asus PadFone (PF400CG) for the purposes of fixing the problem of Smartphone or Android Tablet device in the first paragraph.

If you need other RAW Firmware ASUS Android Devices, then you can get it on the Download Firmware RAW ASUS (All Models) and for ASUS Stock ROM, you can get it on the post of Download Stock ROM ASUS Zenfone (All Models).

Below is Firmware / Stock ROM Asus PadFone (PF400CG) which you can download and make sure Firmware / Stock ROM is in accordance with the Asus PadFone (PF400CG) device you have.

Download RAW Firmware / Stock ROM ASUS PadFone (PF400CG)
Name and Links Size
CSC_PF400CG_all_TW_eng_T3.0.7.raw 307 MB
PF400CG_all_WW_user_V6.5.36.raw 900 MB

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