How To Root Oppo Devices Without PC Using OppoTools Application

How To Root Oppo Devices Without PC Use OppoTools Application

   Applications Oppo Tools is a multi function created by wuxianlin but Oppo Tools only works on ColorOS, with this application you can do various things that might indeed you need to support activities at the Oppo you, one of the features of the application OppoTools is ROOT, as we know, root access does we need to be able to make modifications to the existing system on android devices.
Not only that, many more features available on the application OppoTools and certainly destined to the Oppo, the following features of the application OppoTools:

App Function:

  1. App runtime switcher
  2. View WiFi password
  3. APP manager
  4. Factory mode code
  5. Root
  6. Install Google seervice
  7. Flash ROM
  8. Flash Recovery

And the following list of devices that are already proven successful rooting using OppoTools:

  1. Oppo Find 7 / 7a
  2. Oppo R7 / R7 Plus
  3. Oppo Find 5 / 5 Mini
  4. Oppo R5
  5. Oppo N1 / N1 Mini
  6. Oppo R3
  7. Oppo R1 / R1S

   See the above list, there may not be your registered devices Oppo there, you can try this application although no name your device in the list above, for example Oppo Mirror 3 or 5 has been successful in the root.

   Not only OppoTool can do Rooting against the Android Devices, but still much more to do, such as RootGeniusiRootKingRootMobileGoKingorootOne Click Root, and SRSRoot, these tools are designed to perform several functions such as rooting, flash ROMflash KernelRemove Ads in AppsBooster DeviceUninstall Preinsstaled AppsRemove bloatwareUnlock ScreenDownload ROM and others.
    Some Tools at the top will require a PC to a place they walk, if you do not have a PC, you can do Rooting on your Android device without a PC, an application that you can use for rooting Without PC is KingRoot Mobile360Root MobileiRoot MobileRootGenius MobileKey Master RootKingoroot MobileTowelRoot, and FramaRoot.

    This method will use Oppo Tools application as a tool to root Smartphone Oppo and Oppo Tools supports multiple devices Smartphone Oppo to Rooting. To do so you can follow the way described below.

Please confirm the devices were successfully rooted by Oppo Oppo Tools
  • On your Oppo Smartphone, enable Unknown Source  (Settings> Security> Unknown Source (tick))
  • Download and install the OppoTools_V1.6.3.apk  or OppoTools_V1.6.5.apk (latestapplication on your Oppo Smartphone  (OPPO Tools only works on ColorOS)
  • After you install the Oppo Tools application on your Oppo device, then open Oppo Tools application.
How To Root Oppo Devices Use OppoTools Application

  • Once open, click on the COMMON tab, and then click ROOT

How To Root Oppo Devices Use OppoTools Application

  • Then you will be asked to install the Oppo Tools Plugin, click Next
  • Then the installation process will run
  • After Oppo Tools plugin installed, then open the One Key Root menu and press One Key Root button. (re-open Oppo Tools, select COMMON and press Root again)

    How To Root Oppo Devices Use OppoTools Application

    • If successful, your phone will automatically reboot and you will find an application, SuperSU installed in your application menu
    How To Root Oppo Devices Use OppoTools Application

    • If you want UnRoot Oppo R5  Smartphone, please open once again At the COMMON menu and press the button UnRoot
    How To Root Oppo Devices Use OppoTools Application

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